The Treasure Coast Marathon and 5K was known until last year as the Torrey Pines Institute’s Race for Research Half Marathon and 5K.

The third installment of the Race for Research took place on March 24th of 2012, much to the delight of nearly 1,000 runners, a 53% growth from the previous year, along with hundreds of volunteers and spectators. “I think that’s a combination of the good job our staff and volunteers have done in the past, along with a better economy where people are more willing to travel,” Marc Giulianotti, the Race for Research coordinator and Director of Chemistry Operations at Torrey Pines Institute said. “Word of mouth spreads and people return year after year, while telling their friends and bringing in new people.”

The 2012 Race for Research half marathon had the largest number of participants (565), followed by the 5K (384), Kids Race (46), and handcycle/wheelchair division (8). Representing 25 states and Canada, the participants took part in one of the most awarded races on the Treasure Coast, with the 1st and 2nd Race for Research winning “Best Local Race” in Scripps Newspapers’ Running Blog in 2010 and 2011.

The profits raised by the race were applied to Torrey Pines Institute’s groundbreaking research programs disease areas such as, AIDS Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and pain management.

Dr. Richard A. Houghten, Founder, President and CEO of Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, also donated $6,150, thanks to a challenge proposed to 5K race participants: beat his time in the 5K race and he would donate $50. The challenge inspired 123 participants to beat Dr. Houghten’s time.

New components to the 2012 race included teams, team awards and a wheelchair/handcycle division. Over 20 teams participated, including a team from Northport K-8 school who wore ballerina costumes as a as a result of challenging their students to read 7,000 books in less than 2 months.

Team Achilles (Achilles International), a non-profit organization that enables people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, represented the half marathon wheelchair and handcycle division and brought inspiration and positive energy to everyone. The male winner in the handcycle division was Larry Jones with a time of 44:51. The female winner was Jennifer Cruz with a finishing time of 1:07:18.

Team Achilles prepares for the start of the race.

Several course records were broken in the 2012 race, including the overall female half marathon where 15-year-old Ashley Saunders of Gardner, Illinois took first place with a time of 1:22:34.3. Patrick Cooley of Savannah, Georgia took 1st place in the male overall half marathon with a time of 1:16:44.7.

Fifteen-year-old, Ashley Saunders of Gardner, Illinois took first place with a time of 1:22:34
Patrick Cooley of Savannah, Georgia took 1st place in the male overall half marathon with a time of 1:16:44

2013 Race Results:

5k Champions
Female – Jessica Emanuel 21:41.2
Male – Aaron Bauer 16:00.2

5K Masters
Female – Jennifer Schneider 24:59.3
Male – Stephen Cortes 18:41.9

Half Marathon Champions
Female – Ashley Saunders 1:22:34.3
Male – Patrick Cooley 1:16:44.7

Half Marathon Masters
Female – Cynthia Washam 1:37:39.1
Male – Jon Williams 1:19:22.3

Full results, video footage and photos for both the 5K and Half Marathon may be found on Race for Research website on Facebook at:

Volunteers also turned out in record numbers and represented Sunrunners, Fleet Feet, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America and Torrey Pines Institute. “I was impressed while volunteering at the race,” stated volunteer Laura Lamon. “I met some very nice people and received first-hand experience to further understand all the work that goes into this function.”

A free ¾ mile “Kids Run” also took place on the Friday before the race during the sponsor expo. Cheered on by hundreds of family, friends and volunteers, 46 children participated in the Kids Run with each child receiving a ribbon and a pin wheel for finishing. The first overall winner was Cale Cones with a time of 4:32 and second overall (first female) was 11 year old Khadija Nefzi with a time of 4:49.

Pamela Houghten, Torrey Pines Institute’s Senior Director of Education and Outreach, said the event also helps promote community spirit. “It’s a really fun event and it’s our way of connecting with the community,” Houghten said. “It’s all about the community coming together.”

Christina Lopez, a half marathon participant, praised the Race for Research, “What a wonderfully organized race! There were a ton of volunteers out on the course cheering everyone on, with plenty of water and Gatorade. The course was well marked, with plenty of (police) officers for our safety. I loved the shirts and hats too! The sponsor expo was perfect…and I’m looking forward to next year!”

“I’d like to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors and participants,” stated Marc Giulianotti after the race was completed. “We are extremely grateful to be part of such an awesome community. Thank you for making the 2012 Race for Research a huge success!”

Torrey Pines Institute would like to thank the major sponsors including Mann Research Center, Keiser University, Seacoast National Bank, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute and St. Lucie Medical Center, Martin Health System, Creative Catering, Sam’s Club, FPL, and Corning.

Race Course Records

Half Marathon Course Records			5K Course Records

Overall						Overall
Female -ASHLEY SAUNDERS 1:22:34.3  2012		Female -BRANDI WALKER 18:44.5  2011
Male -DOUGLAS MORTON 1:14:36.2  2011		Male -AARON BAUER 15:57.7  2011

18 and Under					10 and Under
Female -ASHLEY SAUNDERS 1:22:34.3  2012		Female -Sofia Tovar 26:25.3  2013
Male -AUSTIN DYESS 1:23:59.2  2012		Male -MATTHEW DAVIS 22:10.4  2012

19 to 24					11 to 14
Female -ALLISON RUBNITZ 1:35:28.6  2011		Female -DENAE CHAPMAN 21:12.0  2010
Male -PATRICK COOLEY 1:16:44.7  2012		Male -MARK BOZZO 18:42.3  2011

25 to 29					15 to 18
Female -MICHELLE WEISSMAN 1:27:13.4  2012	Female -ERICA SCHNEIDER 24:22.7  2012
Male -MARK MAGGI 1:17:01.1  2011		Male -JUSTIN MAY 17:39.9  2012

30 to 34					19 to 24
Female -KIM HUNGER  1:31.31.5  2013		Female -LAURA MCKNIGHT 19:51.5  2011
Male -ADAM SCHIFF 1:17:35.6  2012		Male - AARON BAUER 15:57.7  2011

35 to 39					25 to 29
Female -JENNIFER PLACE 1:27:28.4  2012		Female -BRANDI WALKER 18:44.5  2011
Male -DOUGLAS MORTON 1:14:36.2  2011		Male -ERIK BLOSSER 16:01.2  2012

40 to 44					30 to 34
Female -KAREN PAXTON 1:40:58.7  2010		Female -LISSETTE MAZZEO 21:45.7  2012
Male -JON WILLIAMS 1:19:22.3  2012		Male -LUKE WALKER 18:10.7  2012

45 to 49					35 to 39
Female -SHELLY BATTON 1:35:29.1  2011		Female -WENDY BOWDEN 23:07.3  2013
Male -COSME SANTOS 1:18.47.0  2013		Male -ALAN COOPER 18:43.8  2010

50 to 54					40 to 44
Female -CYNTHIA WASHAM 1:37:39.1  2012		Female -HEATHER GOLLNICK  19:15.9  2011
Male - ROBERT LASALLE 1:20:16.1  2010 		Male -MARK DYE 22:23.5  2012

55 to 59					45 to 49
Female -JANE HARLAN 1:46:00.9  2013		Female -DARLENE COURTNEY 24:58.8  2010
Male -DAVID STONE 1:23:46.4  2011		Male -GREG DUDRA 17:11.4  2010

60 to 64					50 to 54
Female -JOANNE BARRY 1:49:58.5  2013		Female -ANNA QUESADA 23:36.3  2013
Male -STEVE DAY 1:35:24.2  2013			Male - ROGER TRAVIS 18:31.0  2010

65 to 69					55 to 59
Female -GERDA KALB 2:38:05.8  2013		Female -MARGARET MINER 26:35.4  2011
Male -TIM FISHER 1:46:03.2  2010		Male -CHRIS MCKNIGHT 20:46.6  2011

70 and over					60 to 64
Female -LIAN CUTTING 2:48:06.6  2010		Female -SUZANNE HAMILTON 26:36.5  2011
Male -DONALD HOFFMAN 1:50:39.6  2011		Male -JIM WALTERS 24:47.8  2012

						65 to 69
						Female -JUDY MCGRATH 31:16.6  2012
						Male -CHARLIE YESCOTT 22:49.7  2010

						70 and over
						Female -ANGELA FISH 31:31.7  2011
						Male -ROGER ROUILLER 23:10.1  2013